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Professional Website Design & Free Direct Mail Postcards! This promotion is over.

Low cost website with FREE postcard graphic design, printing and shipped to your location!

First fast action businesses to take advantage of this promotion will get 500 free business cards professionally designed, printed and shipped to your business! A value of $205! Plus, if you order or small business SEO service get $300 off! Ask for details when you order.

This promotion is so good that we have to limit only 7 businesses to this offer!

Get a professionally built WordPress Website and free direct mail postcards that you can use to get new business!

Postage is not included.

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Your information will not be shared to any other business, third parties or any individual. Your information is important to us and is extremely confidential. The solvvAgency, a Solvv LLC company may contact you through the information that you have provided.

Every business needs a professional website!

solvvAgency’s custom websites are intuitive, modern, and flexible. We create affordable, mobile-friendly sites that are optimized for search engines. Our websites are built so the non-techie can easily update their website without calling someone to make the updates for you. 

Get up to a 10 page mobile responsive WordPress website. 

All of our websites are set up so that they can be easily seen on any computer and mobile device. All of our websites are hosted with the solvvAgency to maintance safe seruity and 99.9% uptime with daily backups.

Web hosting is an additional investment as low as $20 per month. 


FREE Direct Mail Postcard Graphic Design and Printing! View the Options Below.

Get new business and website traffic by using direct mail with postcards!

Choose one format size from 3 different options.

All of our postcards are printed on premium ultra thick 16 point gloss coated cover stock paper with an ultra glossy UV coating on the front and back side. The backside can have the UV coating removed.


4 X 6 Inch Postcard that uses postage rate of 35¢ per card.

When you think of postcards, the 4″ X 6″ postcard is most common postcard that people think of when they want to send a postcard. The biggest reason that this is a common postcard is because of the low postage rate of 35¢ per card that is mailed. This postcard can be mailed to a current customer list in one big mailing or they can be mailed as an individual postcard to a recipient.

 Ideal use for these are promotions, invitations, birthday club promotions, real estate customer retention, customer appreciation, event annoucements, etc.


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6 X 9 Inch Postcard that uses first class postage rate of 55¢ per card.

You have seen these postcards come to your home and business before. This is the most common oversized postcard that is utilized by most businesses. We do believe that your business needs to be in front of your audience or a new audience. An oversized postcard with superior graphic design, messaging and quality of the printing is crucial to stand out from the other pieces in the mailbox. We have been creating direct mail since 1995 and we have seen a whole evolution of direct mail since then. Many businesses are missing out on the power of direct mail. With the power of internet marketing and social media, direct mail is an alpha way to integrate online and offline advertising and marketing. We know what we are doing and we want to help your business!

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6.5 X 9 Inch Postcard that uses EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL® (EDDM®) Postage Rate of 18.7¢ by USPS®!

Grow your business by connecting to more potential customers near your business.  Get a much bigger response with massive exposure by sending beautiful postcards to every local mailbox near your business. In contrast of an internet marketing campaign where you are helping people to find your business online, you are actively reaching out to potential and possibly exssiting customer in your local area inviting them to your business. Think about it, you can run a Facebook ad and through hundreds of dollars in media spend with not much return. With direct mail with EDDM® that has a strong message, you can increase your revenue and massively increase you brand awareness! EDDM® is specifically built for small businesses and organizations that want effective brand exposure in their local community.

Watch this entertaining video! It illustrates how EDDM works!

We are building success for major brands all the way to main street locally owned businesses.

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Grow your business and revenues with the solvv agency!

Advertising & Marketing Solutions for Businesses Like Yours.

We are a fully service advertising, marketing, creative design and printer.

Targeted Direct Mail Marketing

Connect to your most fitting customer with targeted direct mail. We will help you create your target direct mail campaign from creative graphic design all the way to your potential customer’s mailbox. 

All-Inclusive Postcard Marketing - EDDM

Grow your business by reaching more customers with over-sized premium postcards that go directly into mailboxes in your local community. Everything is included in our all-inclusive postcard marketing program including, marketing consulting, graphic design, printing, postage, processing and delivery to the post office. No mailing lists required!

Digital Advertising

Help relevant customers reach your business online on any device anywhere your target customer might be. Stay in front of your target audience with your brand image and/or offers that will convert to revenue. Your business will be found organically and in paid advertising. 

Creative Graphic Design

First impressions are crucial in the business world and great creative graphic design can make the difference. We have 28 years over graphic design experience branding, logo design and developing marketing material for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses that are the backbone of the economy. 

Grow Your Business Right Here! Call (970) 658-1017

Your information will not be shared to any other business, third parties or any individual. Your information is important to us and is extremely confidential. The solvvAgency, a Solvv LLC company may contact you through the information that you have provided.