About the solvvAgency and Rob Smith

 The solvvAgency is a creative branding design firm backed alpha integrated advertising and marketing solutions.

First and foremost every business and organization needs to have a sound branding foundation to endure any type of market. This is what the Rob Smith at the solvvAgency does best, build, maintain and promote businesses and organizations brand in their market place.

The solvvAgency formed in 2012 after rebranding from Rob Advertising. 

After working in the advertising agency world from 1995 to 2007, Rob Smith opened Rob Advertising in 2006 while working at his full-time job. Soon after he went on to services Cox Business Solutions and a handful of small businesses. 

In early 2007 Rob and a group of entrepreneurs created a capital company where they operated multiple companies and building franchise models for a few of these businesses. They also acquired the rights to a portable storage businesses located in Denver, Colorado serving the front range. 


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